A student journalist in Hong Kong


I am Nicki Wong Ho Ching, a sophomore year student majoring in International Journalism in HKBU.

It is always a must for me to bring my camera with me when I am going around, as I don’t want to miss any special moment in my life.

I believe that photos capture not only the moment, but also the history of the day.

This is just the simple reason that why am I studying journalism: to record the history of today.

At the same time I enjoy writing, which allow me to express myself.

I could write English and Chinese; speak fluent English, Cantonese, and Mandarin. I am current learning German in a beginner’s level.

I used Canon 500D for my daily use; GoPro Hero for my daily capture.

I am also a fan of Lomography, which is a film camera brand. I have started to use film camera since I was 14.